Land Acquisition With Your Vehicle


Exchange Your Old Vehicle For Land or House

Sanu-Fari is a property swapping initiative by Highlander Estate Development that gives investors an opportunity to acquire any of our existing residential estates with a vehicle valued at par with any land of interest. This swapping initiative aims to create capital preservation for individuals who are looking to acquire a property without cash.

How It Works

Choose Your Property

We have several estates that suit your budget, whether you have a car valued at 1m or above, we have got you covered.

Sign Up

Once you’ve chosen a property that suits you, fill our registered interest form and enter contact details and the car you’re swapping.


We have a seamless car inspection process. After you have filled the form, your car would be inspected by our team of professionals in charge of vehicles.

Interested in Sanu-Fari Project?


Incredible Offer

Sanu-Fari offers you the opportunity to become a homeowner without the stress of looking for cash or other tight financing challenges.

Secured Investment

Experience a seamless partnership process with Sanu-Fari, your investment is guaranteed full security.


Our projects are always open for inspection. Your money is certainly on the site working for you.


Sanu-Fari is owned by Highlanders Estate and Investment Company Limited

  • Well planned gated estate
  • Well secured estate
  • Guarantees high rental yields
  • High occupancy rate
  • Prime location
  • Premium quality finishes
  • Minimum of 20 hours of   electricity
  •  Attractive to investors and homeowners

NO! Land at Fountain Villa are free from government acquisitions or interest and adverse claims.

Depending on your choice of property, you either make an outright purchase or choose a spread payment plan starting from 3-months to as much as 18-months.